What’s New


October 2014

  • We just published the first study to document that pre-settlement stage reef fish (grey snapper) can produce sounds! Check out the article here, and some news stories here and here.

July 2014

  • First measurements for my reef soundscape propagation study are underway!

June 2014

  • The study that has been the crux of my PhD has finally been accepted for publication in Marine Ecology Progress Series. The paper is a 14-month time series of two reef soundscapes. I am very proud of this piece of work and will share the pdf soon!

May 2014

  • Along with my lab-mates, I co-authored a study on the In Situ orientation behavior of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster, which has been published in MEPS.
  • I had an epic adventure to Africa, filled with desert walks, white shark diving, and animal observations. It was fantastic!

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April 2014

  • Beneath the Waves has been busy – we hosted festivals in Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, Rhode Island, and Florida. To find out how to become a festival host, please visit our website.

March 2014

  • The Beneath the Waves team just published its first paper about the growing utility of film festivals at scientific meetings.
  • Beneath the Waves has begun its 5th year! We’ve selected the films for the 2014 cycle, which debuted at the Benthic Ecology Meeting in Jacksonville, FL. We also hosted a public event in Jacksonville, with a great panel discussion.


February 2014







January 2014

  • I attended a writing workshop at RSMAS, led  by Dallas Murphy.   It was fantastic! We learned about writing techniques and styles from a true expert.
  • I’m preparing for an upcoming talk at TEDxCoconutGrove on February 7th.

December 2013

  • The Acoustical Society of America meeting in San Francisco was a great success. I attended a whole day of sessions on Soundscape Ecology, and met some of the leaders in the field.
  • I also met with Bernie Krause of Wild Sanctuary and chatted about the future of soundscape ecology in a world of omnipresent noise. I’m feeling inspired!

November 2013

  • I’m continuing work with my time-series analysis, and getting closer to a full manuscript with each day.
  • I decided to attend the Acoustical Society of America conference in December!

October 2013

  • I attended the Science Online Oceans conference, where I learned many new techniques and tools for science communication, and where we hosted a discussion about the use of film as a science communication tool.
  • Two great Beneath the Waves screenings at Florida Institute of Technology, including the launch of our Youth Making Ripples branch, which aims to get schoolkids out making films about their local ocean issues


September 2013

August 2013

  • After a brief trip home to Cape Cod to visit family, I’m deep into the analysis of PhD data on soundscapes of coral reefs in Florida

July 2013

  • We launched our partnership with Nectar Sunglasses – if you buy the “abyss” pair, 10% of the proceeds go towards Beneath the Waves~

June 2013

May 2013

  • I attended the Popper Party/Fay Fest conference in Sarasota FL and got to meet many inspiring figures in the field of marine bioacoustics.
  • We hosted a Beneath the Waves event in Hamburg, Germany for almost 200 people! Everybody loved it!

April 2013

  • Along with my advisor and several collaborators, we headed to Long Island, Bahamas to conduct field work at Dean’s Blue Hole. The trip was a great success! We collected many species of larval fish and were able to conduct behavioral experiments using the Drifting In Situ Chamber.

March 2013

February 2013

January 2013

  • A study comparing soundscapes in two different oceans has been published online in the journal Coral Reefs. Print copy coming soon.
  • I am currently in Villefranche-sur-mer, France, at the Observatorie Oceanologique of Universite Pierre et Marie Curie taking a course in multivariate statistics.


December 2012

  • I won third place for the National Science Foundation’s “creating the future” video contest. The video, called “Sonic Reef,” is a brief description of my PhD research. The NSF invited prizewinners to attend their 60th anniversary celebration at the NSF headquarters in Washington DC! Read the article about the NSF prize ceremony here.
  • I passed my qualifying exams!
  • The Beneath the Waves Film Festival hosted a mini-festival in Miami in conjunction with COSEE-FL and the Miami Science Museum’s Underwater Festival. Over 200 people attended, and after the films local scientists and members of the audience engaged in a stimulating discussion.
  • Beneath the Waves also hosted a festival in Chapel Hill, NC.

November 2012

  • Beneath the Waves hosted a mini-festival in Reykjavik, Iceland for over 75 people.

October 2012

  • My video for the National Science Foundation’s “creating the future” contest has made it to the final round!
  • Beneath the Waves hosted a mini-festival in Humboldt county, California in conjunction with Humboldt Baykeeper.

August 2012

  • Beneath the Waves partnered with PangeaSeed, a non-profit shark advocacy group, for the Great West Coast Migration, a series of art shows and Beneath the Waves films.
  • I was featured as “Explorer of the Month” for MarineXplore. Read the article here.

July 2012

  • I attended the 36th annual Larval Fish Conference in Bergen, Norway, and received honorable mention for the Sally Richardson award for the best student talk!
  • We tested some new instruments to be used  to study navigational cues of larval fish.
  • The Miami lighthouse school for the blind visited RSMAS and I gave a talk about acoustic communication in marine animals.
  • I interviewed two Japanese scientists about marine life in post-tsunami Japan.

June 2012

  • Field research in the Florida Keys is ongoing!
  • Oscar Schofield spoke with me about how he handles oceanographic data. Read the interview for MarineXplore here.
  • Beneath the Waves hosted a mini-festival in Saipan, Micronesia.

May 2012

  • I interviewed Christopher W. Clark to learn about his best discoveries in the world of marine acoustics.

April 2012

  • Our modeling study on orientation behavior in fish larvae was published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. Read the article here, and read the press story here.
  • Beneath the Waves hosted mini-festivals in Norfolk, VA

March 2012

  • Beneath the Waves Film Festival hosted its 3rd annual event in Norfolk, VA. The event was a smashing success, hosted in an IMAX theater and attended by nearly 600 people! Beneath the Waves is now going on the road, with mini-festivals planned for various regions around the world throughout the rest of 2012.

January 2012

  • Read the RSMAS blog post about my PhD research!


  • Aquatic Biology has published our article on the acoustic behavior of the California mantis shrimp as their featured article!
  • A number of  news   sites and blogs picked up the story, since acoustic communication in benthic organisms is so understudied
  • I also presented the California mantis shrimp work at the Acoustic Communication in Animals Conference in Ithaca, NY
  • I traveled to Seattle, WA with other members of the Paris Lab for the American Fisheries Society Meeting to present research on reef soundscapes and larval fish orientation
  • The second annual Beneath the Waves Film Festival took place in Mobile, AL.
  • I produced a short film about the mini-lobster season in Florida. View the film here.



  • My first first-authored paper on the acoustic anti-predator behavior of the California spiny lobster was published in Behaviour
  • A co-authored paper with other members of the Patek Lab, on the acoustic behavior of the California spiny lobster, was published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • I made a film, called “Stomatopoda,” which tells the story of stomatopod researchers in the Patek Lab
  • I delivered my first scientific talk, on spiny lobster acoustics, at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting
  • I served as a team diver and scientific consultant for a National Geographic Film production in Mexico. The production was called “Collapse” and can be viewed here.
  • Cornell University’s Bioacoustics Research Program offered a special workshop on Sound Analysis which I attended.