The most recent film that I worked on is called “Paradise Trashed“. I was inspired to tell this story when I visited Bocas del Toro, Panama, in early 2016. This island region is overrun by trash, especially plastic bottles. The lack of resources and general awareness/education about this issue, combined with the fact that the population is spread across hundreds of islands, has led to a very challenging environmental problem. In this film, we explored several potential solutions and explored whether the solutions have enough public support. Watch to find out what we learned!

Other/older videos:

Paradise Trashed – Spanish version

Rumbes in the Deep – TEDx talk

Sonic Reef – award-winning film for NSF “Creating the Future” video contest

Sound Affects – a film about ocean noise, co-produced with Austin Gallagher

Mini-Season – a film about Florida’s very popular lobster mini-season

Stomatopoda – my first film, about scientific research in the Patek Lab


Just for fun:

Spring Awakening – an original Beneath the Waves production

Kruger National Park – my personal experience in this magical place.

Baby fish – a montage of fish larvae in the Bahamas

Baby squid – I shared a moment with these little squid in Dean’s Blue Hole



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