I firmly believe that every scientist should be able to talk about their work with a wide range of audiences. One of the most effective tools for science communication is film, as it is a very personal and accessible way to tell a story. I currently sit on the Board of Directors for Beneath the Waves, a global non-profit organization which serves as a platform for conservation, education, and discovery. We first started out as a film festival, hosting several events at different locations around the world, and providing a platform for scientists to share their work with others. In recent years we have evolved, and now our primary focus is shark research and conservation, although media and film is still central to everything we do. To keep up with what we’re doing, check out our page on vimeo, follow us on instagram (@btwaves), and like us on Facebook.

Erica Cancun 374

I have also made a number of films about my own research and conservation interests. Please check them out on my “multimedia” page.